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51 years old grewup in midwest past 20+ years living in central new jersey overall healthy lifestyle athletic--enjoy exercising 2+ times/week overall non-smoker...overall non-alcohol drinker *except brief period during teenage years and college years, and now occassional poker game or sporting event

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March 12, 2009

Lawrenceville, New Jersey

August 27, 1957

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Tonsil Cancer

Stage 3


at this early point...knowing and having cancer inside of me

getting specific information lessens the flooding of emotions

robotic surgery for tonsil cancer {not federally approved, still in research mode in just a few hospitals}

July 1, 2009

a lump on my right side of pain only mild pain in throat area from post outpatient surgery when they did exploratory biposy surgery and took pieces of tissue out

yes, 5x/week for 7 weeks...started on 5/19/09


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